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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

This is the woman at the McCain rally, who got so much attention for calling Barack Obama an Arab. After the rally, reporters caught up with her and gave her the opportunity to explain her comment. The interview is telling. It isn't her fault. She's ignorant to the fact that she's ignorant of facts. If you don't know what it is that you don't know, why would you think to go and learn it?... Run over that question a few more times. By that same token, if you believe that what you know is fact, then how many of us would take the time to refute that which we know to be true, especially when it validates what we want to believe?... Run over that question again as well.

Here is her comment at the rally:

Below is her explanation:

If you don't have the time to filter through the noise in the video, then you read the transcript here. The most important thing to note is:
  1. This woman admits that she received three pages of information about Obama being Muslim.
  2. She states that she received this information from the republican headquarters in her town, where she volunteers.
  3. She states that, as a volunteer at the republican headquarters, she also went to "Kinkos" and printed out 400 copies of the letter/pamphlet, went through the phone book to find names and mailing addresses for people, and mailed out that same letter that informed her comment at the rally.
  4. She also mentioned that she passed out the letter to people on line at the rally, including a group of young girls.
This is scary! This woman, in her ignorance, was fed a lie; a lie that validated how she already sees the world. She was so ready and willing to believe that lie that she accepted it as fact, as 2+2=4. She then took the initiative to venture to Kinkos and print out 400 copies of the lie. She then took the time to scroll through the phone book to find names and addresses of people that she hoped would be as ignorant as herself and mailed the lie to them. All of this from the republican headquarters, which complicitly added the authority of their logo and seal to the lie...

Once again, I ask at what point do we NOT blame ignorant people for their ignorance, as dangerous as it might be?

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