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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 1 comments

Okay, so we all knew that the right-wing and the Karl Rove machine would use race to divide this country; the questions was "how?". You see, this is new territory for America; the presidential candidate of a major party being something other than a white man. It's also new territory for republicans that have a very fine line to walk as they seek to win the White House without doing irrevocable harm to their party's image. The dilemma for them is "how do we ignite and fan the flames of racism in America, without appearing racist?". The answer is below:

The tactic that we'll see play out as we near election day is a "guilt by association" strategy that has an inherent, although subliminal message of "they're all associated" and 'they all look alike, don't they?". This particular "guilt by association" strategy is a little different and more devious than the one that they're currently using to link Obama to controversial figures like William Ayers and Rev. JeremiahWright because the current one only functions to rally the base of the party; the same people who were chanting "U-S-A, U-S-A" and "Drill baby drill" at the republican convention. Those people were never going to vote for Obama anyway, but they were only lukewarm toward McCain.

On the other hand, this other "guilt by association" strategy is aimed at tapping into the latent and subconscious xenophobia that exist in the hearts and minds of a particular type of white American. These type of ads are designed to plant a seed in the minds of the same white people who love O.J. Simpson before the high-speed car chase, but hated him and all of the black people that cheered after his
acquittal... The type who loved Cassius Clay, but hated Muhammad Ali... The type who claim to admire black politicians like J.C. Watts, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas and Larry Elders because they "have the courage" to stand up to the "race baiting" liberal politicians that believe in things like affirmative action and fair housing practices and "equal pay for equal work". These kinds of people can legitimately say "I have friends who are black". These are generally well-meaning folk and they don't intend to be racist, it just slips out sometimes when the right buttons are pushed.

How does one combat this type of
subliminal marketing? That's the million dollar question. If we ignore them then they are allowed to fester and work their magic. If we alert white people to the intent of the ad, then we look like super sensitive, overly politically correct, race card playing race-baiters. Perhaps we should counter by finding as much footage of John McCain with blacks and put that on Youtube... You know he gave Young Jeezy some love on "Saturday Night Live". Maybe we could show him embracing Jeezy and then play the worst Jeezy song with the most offensive lyrics. In fact, we could go further and ask all of the rappers like 50Cent and Prodigy of MOBB Deep (who's going to be going to jail in a few) to come out and endorse McCain... In fact, lets go way back and find someone like Khia, you remember her song "my neck, my back, lick my....." or we could simply go to some backwoods area and ask as many "Ku Klux Klan" members who they're endorsing for president and why?

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  1. DFin says:

    Please do not befoul Young Jeezy's reputation by associating him with McCain.

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