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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Call it karma.. Call it "an eye for an eye" or simply justice. Whatever you call it or him, it's hard not to look at Keith Olbermann as an ironic lesson in the "golden rule" that the right wing would rather have skipped in Sunday school. It's an interesting story that I prefer to tell with a superhero theme, since he looks like the Clark Kent of old.

It was a time of peace and prosperity in our country. The debt was being reduced. Family incomes were going up and the middle-class was expanding and at a record pace. But as the world slept, dark forces had conspired in secret corners to take over the United States of America and from their sadistic minds, was birthed the beast of Fox News Corp.

At first they seemed to be of little consequence, but soon grew to pose a clear and present threat to journalism as we knew it. The dark forces of FOX News emerged as a cable news juggernaut and it was increasingly clear that their dominance over the objective (although activist) positioning of the "mainstream media" was slowly tilting the principle of journalistic integrity off of it's axis. FOX News had launched a dastardly plan to divide the country by tapping into the frustrations of the other half of America that would never vote democrat, the "bitter" Americans that 'cling to guns, religion—and antipathy to others who are different'. And so, with the tremendous growth of their ratings, they moved under the guise of "fair and balanced" and covered news from the other point of view. Oddly enough, they continued to bolster that label as they filled their roster of on air personalities with conservative talk radio hosts, GOP operatives and others with a conservative/republican world view

For a while the legitimate mainstream media news outlets did their best to battle back against right-wing news ascendancy, but were unable to stop the "one-two punch" of Karl Rove and "El
Rushbo" (Rush Limbaugh). The dastardly duo worked hand in hand, brain-washing the masses of middle Americans with the idea that legitimate news sources were actually the "far-left media", "liberal media" and (Rush's favorite) "the drive-by media." Meanwhile, in the deep dark labs of FOX News Corp., the evil mad executives had created two creatures of epic republican proportions. These monstrous personalities (Bill O'Riley and Sean Hannity) would join together to form a Voltronic two-hour prime time line-up that overwhelmed the weakening mainstream media...

The mainstream media fought, but with the exception of a few rebels like the New York Times and NPR, they were overwhelmed. They reached their lowest point in 2001 as they became slaves to the drumbeat to an Iraq War, carrying water for policy of "preemptive war" that they knew was wrong.... Little did we know that in the catacombs of
MSNBC, the seemingly defeated network executives were grooming "the chosen one," Keith Olbermann, a former ESPN sports commentator turned MSNBC substitute host/blogger. In the mean time, the evil forces were being held off by resistance leader like, the late-great Tim Russert and his man-at-arms Chris Matthews.

Russert and Chris Matthews did their best to preserve the integrity of the media, but they could not do it alone. The resistance needed a surge of talent and unbridled honesty. In 2003, their reinforcements came with the birth of Air America Radio, the first liberal talk radio network with the aim of counter balancing the dominance of conservative talk radio on the AM dial and Countdown, Keith Olbermann's very own MSNBC show to take on FOX's voltronic Bill O'Riley/Sean Hannity megazord.

Alas, the
resistance was defeated in the great Bush-Kerry battle of November 2008. But the fire had already begun to burn in Keith Olbermann, and so he spent the last four years leading the charge against the great colossus, FOX News Corp. While his battle is far from over he inches closer and closer to the time where he will fulfill his destiny of restoring balance to the future of honest news coverage.

Having told that story, let me say that the decision to remove Keith
Olbermann and Chris Matthews as news anchors during the election coverage "vexes me...I'm terribly vexed". In terms of how the real world logic is, I understand the decision completely. News coverage should be totally fair to both sides, no matter how wrong one of them is. But when I think of the world in terms of the way it should be, I see Keith as providing a great service for this country. You see, there are some things that are just wrong and when the mainstream media tries too hard to adhere to some altruistic idea of impartiality, they are aiding and abetting FOX News and an agenda that damaged this country in profound ways. "Fair and balanced" is on its face an oxymoron. Fair connotes a concern with justice...what is right. The word "fair," we hope, suggests an impartiality toward honesty and integrity. "Balance" merely suggest that the hand of fate will swing both ways, with only a 50 percent chance that honesty and integrity will be the beneficiary.

Olbermann and others at MSNBC like Chris Matthews and now Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell are improving the discourse in this country by asking the necessary questions and speaking truth to power in a way that is blunt and apparent... As the right continues to demonize him, they must surely know and regret having ever created him.... Much like The Joker created Batman (in Tim Burton version, not the Heath Legder, Christian Bale film). Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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