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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Michel'le is an "old" R&B singer that had a hit single in 1990 called "No More Lies" that featured some lines that said:

You say no more lies,
And I'll try to understand.
But there's a little exaggeration
In almost every man.
Now I say I trust you,
But I want you to know...
I'm not a sucker;
Chill out-your nose is growing, Pinocchio
I can't promise that those lyrics or even me mentioning Michel'le has much to do with this post; Part of me just wants someone to give her another chance on a label to resurrect her ironic-voiced career, but there is a correlation between her simply asking her sap of a boyfriend at the time and a growing majority of democrats, independents and to-remain-anonymous republicans asking John McCain, "no more lies". Seriously.

I came across this excellent op-ed piece in last week's NYTimes - "Blizzard of Lies" - where Paul Krugman pointed out what I've been saying sitting on my couch eating low fat cheez-its (trust me, this is my wife's doing... it's full-fat snacks when I put my foot down when she's not here) and watching the sound bites and clips for the day. "Anti-ear mark" this and "Obama handing out playboy magazines in kindergarten" that and "the bridge to no where that overlooks Russia this"... wow, there's a lot going on that I didn't know about! Let's grab the ole' laptop here and

* ticka ticka ticka tap! click...clicka-click *

Huh. Fascinating. Ear marks are okay to be requested but it's the bad bad congress that approves them. Teaching kindergartners about sex versus teaching them to be on the look out for sex predators. And this bridge... she had a t-shirt that said what now?

Look, just like Michel'le I understand that in the political arena there's a little exaggeration in almost every man, and truthfully it has been that "exaggeration" that has turned me off from politics heretofore. But can someone tell someone inside the McCain campaign that there's this new thing called "the Internet" or "the-inner-web-tubes-clicky-web-machine" if you so prefer, that is always listening and will call you on these things every time. And while we're calling people, can someone PLEASE call Michel'le and give her a record deal???

Update: Posted 6:24am
Just came across this article ("Shading - or Ignoring - Truth on the Campaign Trail") in the Los Angeles Times that talks about the rhetoric and out and out lying that is happening on both sides this political season but doesn't really get in depth of it's effectiveness / harm.

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