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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

With two children under the age of four, I've spent a good portion of the last four years playing peek-a-boo. For a while, that was all I did; work, eat, and play peek-a-boo. The funny thing about peek-a-boo is how kids never get tired of playing it. When it comes to playing peek-a-boo, for you soon to be parents, don't start unless you have an exit strategy. From Peek-a-boo, my children have graduated to playing hide and go the back seat of my car. They pull a jacket or shirt over their faces and make a similar assumption. They assume that because they can't see you, that you in turn can't see them. Yes, the 2007 Toyota Camry has a spacious backseat, but I can still make out four and two year olds strapped into car seats occupying two thirds of the space between me and the trunk.

That's a funny assumption though, assuming that by closing your eyes, others can't see. Most of us would never walk into work an hour late covering our eyes so the boss doesn't see us meandering into our cubicle. How about when we are driving and we see those blue lights flashing from our rear view mirror? Most of us don't think we can go stealth by continuing to drive with our own eyes closed. This hilarious assumption, assuming that hiding our eyes blinds others, has been a catalyst to a society that seems to be racing itself into the pits of hell. Peek-a-boo, jokes on you.

We, as a society have started hiding our eyes from the truth so we can believe our own lies. We justify our actions with our own desires and intentions. We justify those intentions and desires with the belief that in the innermost core of our being we are innately good. Let the lies begin. As much as we may want to hide our eyes from what God says about our innermost core, he's already said what he thinks of our heart and desires. What does he say? Just ask him. (Thanks

Every man is justified in his own mind. In much the same way, given enough time we can justify any action with the right physical impulses. Check out the story of Cain and Abel. Yeah, most of us know the story, but have you ever really read it. God told Cain what he wanted. To put it in my Mama's language, he comes back to tell him, "Straighten your face up boy. You knew you was wrong when you did it." But Cain drew Abel out to the fields. "Ollie Ollie ox and free," you can't see me. Somewhere in his mind, Cain had justified the murder of his own brother. More important is verse 10 where God tells Cain that Abel's blood calls to Him from the ground. How many Cains do we have today slaying Abels out of jealousy, greed, and other unjustified justifications. How God must long to cover his ears as pools of blood from the killing fields never cease to cry. Yeah Omar killed Stringer Bell, but Idris Elba and Michael Williams are alive and well.

It's not all about murder. By averting our eyes to God's truth, we've lost our place in His hierarchy. Sometimes we see human life being put too low. I remain utterly vexed and perplexed by people that will go hoarse telling you how Michael Vick has to pay for what he did to dogs, then turn around and say people who have sex irresponsibly should have the right to terminate their pregnancy and not doom themselves by a "mistake". (It's not my desire to get into a debate about the institution of abortion as a whole, only to point the irony in being outraged by dog fights yet adamant about abortion when it's simply used as a "get out of pregnancy" card.) Too often, however, we put ourselves too high in the hierarchy. We've become brazen from our discoveries, emboldened by our inventions, haughty in our perceived intelligence; so much so that a man has penned children's books about God being killed by children resulting in a world where everyone does what they please; in essence making everyone their own God... It's just crazy enough to be real. As we cover our eyes and follow our own truths as we believe them to be, as we are led simply by our own desires and nothing that extends further than we can see or fathom, we take step after step down a path in which we become our own God yearning for praise from our own tongue.

Man was created for God's glory and pleasure. That's our purpose; the quintessential meaning of life. Are you serving your purpose, or are your serving yourself? Take a second and reflect. Have you asked God for direction? Have you studied his word? Do you have a real relationship with him? Or is God your Sugar Daddy? Do you even believe he's real and worthy of praise? Or have you convinced yourself that mortal men temporarily making their home in fragile bodies are the supreme beings? When the time comes God will uncover your eyes, whether you are ready to see or not. The time is now to align your actions with his desires.

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