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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 6 comments

In the book The Call of the Wild, a house trained dog returns to his primitive instincts after being thrust into the wilderness. In this election we see very much the same thing in some of the kinds of things that are becoming too common at the McCain/Palin or Palin/McCain rallies. In an act of desperation on McCain's part and blind ambition on Palin's, they have chosen to assert as the entire rationale for their candidacy, that Barack Obama is different, that he is a terrorist sympathizer, that he's a closeted American hater, that he's here to destroy the country and most of all he's a Muslim "Manchurian Candidate" as evidenced by his name Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

So, as the campaign becomes nastier it's hard not to see Sarah Palin's inferences that Obama is different as the equivalent of a wolf howling at the moon as a call for the pack to go hunting. In fact, Lewis Matthews of Wolf Song Alaska, a website about Alaskan wolves says the following:
Once a wolf begins howling, other pack members often show a strong tendency to approach that animal and join in. Lois Crisler has said, “Like a community sing, a howl is a happy occasion. Wolves love to howl. When it is started, they instantly seek contact with one another, troop together, fur to fur. Some wolves will run from any distance, panting and bright-eyed, to join in, uttering, as they near, fervent little wows, jaws wide, hardly able to wait to sing.”
Am I comparing Palin supporters to a pack of wolves?... Duh! The answer is an emphatic yes; not all of them, but those of whom seem to be getting the attention nowadays. Okay, let's go deeper. Not too long ago I wrote the article "Do We Really All Look Alike To You?", in which I pointed out that the McCaimpaign would try to use guilt by association to subliminally communicate that Barack Obama can't be trusted because Kwame Kilpatrick (discraced Detroit mayor) couldn't be trusted, and don't they look alike?

In that piece, I made the point that that line of attack was aimed at a particular type of white person that isn't a racist in the stereotypical sense. They get along fine with blacks in their neighborhoods. They joke with their black co-workers and may even go to the local soul food restaurant where they call the cook by her first name. But push the right buttons and they'd throw the "N" word out like an Eli Manning hail-Mary. These aren't base voters and they aren't part of the wolf-pack. They don't respond to the howl... They respond to the dog whistle... phrases like "who is the real Barack HUSSEIN Obama?" or "pals around with terrorist" or 'Tony Rezko, they Syrian slumlord'. With that said, it appears that the latest attack strategy is aimed at pushing those same voters over the edge by getting the republican base to howl so loudly that, like The Call of the Wild, they tap into their base/primitive instinct to fear and decry that which is different.

On the other hand, there's a portion of the republican base, the wolf-pack that operate in the exact opposite fashion. The dog whistle aggravates the hell out of them. They want the howl. They don't want Pedigree dog food purchased from Wal-Mart, they want red meat. So, in much the same way that Obama's candidacy embodies "we shall over come" to black people, for some of Sarah Palin's supporters, her candidacy is beginning to embody the latent racism and bigoted sentiments that have been searching for a voice, a champion... a hero.

Now, I don't think that it is Sarah Palin's intention to stir up a "cold race war" in America. In fact, if I was a gambling man I'd bet that she probably falls into the dog whistle category. But I am saying that her ambition has brought her to a place where people are hoisting their hopes and dreams upon her and the only way for her to continue to ride this wave is to accept all of them; every hope; every dream; even those that dream that America will return to the glory days when a black boy knew his place... the sort of dreams that gives rise to the sort of ignorance that suggest that Sen. Obama is a terrorist, or produce signs like:

Article by: LAW

6 Responses so far.

  1. DFin says:

    Man, you are right on top of it. And I think the pattern we're seeing now is in line with what you described in the Sarah Palin / Joker piece. To John McCain's credit (we can discuss whether it was a political move or genuinely Two-Face -- I MEAN - McCain realizing things are getting out of his control), he finally said something at a recent rally when someone stood and commented on Obama being an Arab... but how did we get here? We got here, I believe, from the Republican playbook running out of pages and now some of them are playing from the "Forbidden Chapter".

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the beauty queen from the frozen tundra has incited more howling than the Iditarod Run. This illuminates the stark contrast between her and McCain, who as a former POW, is all too familiar with man's inhumanity to man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don't believe the McCain's comment at his rally was anything but a staged event to make him look fair and presidential while at the same time allowing this hate mongering to proceed. It is a common tactic for candidates to distance themselves from the unseemly tactics of their operatives, reaping the benefits of the doubt cast while seeming to keep their tunic clean.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a load of horse hockey. You idiots just can't believe you're not 20 points ahead, after months of help from the drive by media and lie after lie after lie to the american people. Palin scares the heck out of you because she is what the democrats aren't...a real person looking out for the folks. The messiah is a socialist, a racist and ignorant of how the world works. His entire history is one of being mentored by radicals, socialists and black separtists. He can't tell us what he really believes, cause he'd be laughed out of town. And all those comments 'supposedly' heard by people at the come nobody has any video or audio of them??? Because they were all fabrications to take the heat off the messiah about Ayers and Acorn. Get a grip, Barry will be a disaster if elected, excuse me, if he is allowed to steal the election.

  5. LAW says:

    Hello last anonymous... What you just said tells me you listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. How do I know this? Because I listen to the to.

    First of all, Sarah Palin is a professional politician...not a real person. Her net worth is over 1.2 million dollars and that's not including what her husband makes because he's not reporting any income (even though he supposedly owns a company and is reportedly of notable status at BP). Now I know 1.2 million isn't rich by John McCAin's standards, but that certainly doesn't make her a "real person"... She's not a Hockey Mom.... Her son was only in hockey for two years and that was over 16 years ago...

    Let me ask you a question? Let's say you spent two years as a fire fighter 15 years ago, but since then you were a practicing attorney.. If I were to ask you know what your profession is would you tell me you're still a fire fighter?

    Secondly, they do have audio of the "Kill him", "Terrorist" and "Bomb Obama" comments... In fact, they have audio and video. But to go further, Al Jazera (of all networks) has posted video of interviews they posted at the Palin rallies... One of the people said about Obama, if he wins "the blacks will take over... what type of country would we have" and "were a christian nation" and 'you can't have nigger as your first string'... if you don't believe me keep tuning into the blog and i'll post it on the blog, but you can seee it

    But thanks for your thoughts

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is really hard to understand how some people can say what they do on the bloggs.I don't like Palin and think she is a fraud and also she is a very unchristian woman or she would not say or do some of the things she has. Vet who did not vet Obama video from LA country Just a couple of videos that might make someones day

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