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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

I think in many ways Palin undermined her own 'elitism' attack against Sen. Obama with her snipping and belittling of community organizing. Community organizing, by its nature, is a small town construct that begins when communities of people come together to affect change and speak truth to power. The repeated belittling of "the community organizer" communicates an elitism in its own right and a disregard for the little people coming together to make big changes...It's fitting since the only people the republicans seem to make big changes for are big oil execs, big pharmaceutical execs, big credit card companies and defense execs.

Let's us make it perfectly clear to our republican counterparts...The word "COMMUNITY ORGANIZER" is NOT A SLUR. It is the backbone of our nation's advancement in government and social issues...Read More

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