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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

I think in many ways Palin undermined her own 'elitism' attack against Sen. Obama with her snipping and belittling of community organizing. Community organizing, by its nature, is a small town construct that begins when people in small communities come together to affect change and speak truth to power. The repeated belittling of "the community organizer" communicates a elitism in its own right and a disregard for the little people coming together to make big changes...It's fitting since the only people the republicans seem make big changes for are big oil execs, big pharmaceutical execs, big credit card companies and defense execs.

Let's us make it perfectly clear to our republican counterparts. "community organizer" is NOT A SLUR...It is the backbone of our nation's advancement in government and social issues. Community organizing is what happened in December 1773 when the "Sons of Liberty" organized ordinary citizens in protest of oppressive taxation on American colonist, leading to the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of our Independence... Community organizing is what happened when a group of Quakers, seeing the morally reprehensible act of slavery, organized ordinary people to petition government, politicians and slave owners to free/emancipate their slaves. Community organizing is what occurred when ordinary citizens organized free blacks, whites, Native Americans and churches into conductors for the "Underground Railroad"...

Yes John McCain is a hero, but so are these brave Americans who sacrificed life and limb to establish the foundation of America's MORAL standing in the world and while we praise John McCain’s service and salute him for the unfathomable trial he endured, we should not forget that many of these individuals did not return to their families and died to establish and protect the same God given rights that our soldiers have bled and died for in defense of our Nation.

Yes, republicans may mock "the community organizer" just as they mocked one such community organizer who led a little bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama and a movement of hundreds of thousands of little communities that culminated in the utterance of “…A Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial… When employers wouldn’t pay a living wage, community organizing created the labor movement, When women fought for the right to vote; community organizing culminated in the women’s suffrage movement. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, community organizers arranged for the delivery of food, water and medicines to displaced Americans when the Bush administration dropped the ball. And when a mayor in the small town of Wasilla Alaska wanted to ban books from the local library that she deemed offensive, it was community organizers that came together and fought for that town librarian who was fired for her refusal to give into the Mayor’s call for censorship and the disregard for the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

I don’t know about you, but if they want to mock Sen. Obama’s choice to forego a 2 or 3 hundred thousand dollar a year corporate salary to go into communities that have been neglected and defend those who could not defend themselves, then it sounds to me like Sen. Obama is in good company. You see, politicians like Rudy Giuliani, and Fred Thompson and Sarah Paln don’t want communities organized. They don’t want grass roots movements. They don’t believe in change from the bottom up and they believe in change that trickles down. And Sarah Palin’s belittling of the idea that we can affect change for ordinary American’s when we work together is evidence that just because you come from a little town, doesn’t mean you care about the little guy.

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