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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 1 comments

According to the polls, Joe Biden was the clear winner in the first and only Vice-Presidential debate. Having said that, any honest person can agree the Sarah Palin performed extremely well... The operative term there is performed. I said to my wife, before the debate that Palin's political image can be characterized by her days as a pageant contestant, much like I asserted that McCain's image has been impacted by his days as a wrestler and Obama's image has been impacted by his days as a basketball player. Think about it. In a beauty pageant the contestants usually perform very well in their walk, in their talent routine, in all of the aspects that they can train and prep for. They work hard to look and sound a certain way. In fact, (in many cases) the girls don't actually have a talent before they compete in the pageant... Instead, they pick one they think will give them the edge and they work like hell to make sure they get their routine down pact, or at least can fake it till they make it. That's exactly what Sarah Palin did last night.

Sarah Palin lost the debate on the substance of the issues, but she won on style and performance. Just like in her days as a beauty pageant contestant, Sarah's coaches saw she didn't have a talent for grasping "the issues", but they agreed on a routine that will allow her to 'fake it 'till she makes it'. As soon as she walked out with the "...can I call you Joe?" line, I knew exactly where she was going. In short, her performance strategy was to use a whole lot of "galee gee, garsh darn, Joe six-pack" to blow smoke in the audience's eyes, while she slips in an answer that sounds good, but has nothing to do with the questions asked... After all, the only part of a beauty pageant where we see the true, honest to God, unrehearsed contestant is the 'question and answer' portion.
With that in mind, I wish Joe Biden would have done the following to mitigate her folksy double speak:

1) ...Attacked her record more, when the opportunities presented themselves. She actually had he audacity to claim he flip-flopped on a particular issue. That would have been the perfect opportunity to raise the question about "The Bridge to Nowhere". On another occasion she talked about how she doesn't understand those people in Washington who vote for something, but claim to be against it. That'd be a perfect time to say that he can't understand how the Governor of Alaska can claim to be against earmarks, but request more earmarks than any other state in the union...

2)... When she said that Joe Biden was a big supporter of Sen. McCains foreign policy positions before he became the VP nominee, he should've pointed out that she seems to be a big supporter of Barack Obama's foreign policy position on strikes against Pakistan.

3) When she continues to say how much she's a Washington outsider, I would have said the following:
"You know, the other day Sarah made a funny joke about how old I am and how long I've been around Washington, and she's right. I have been around a long time and every couple of years I see a new group of politicians come to town touting how regular and down to earth they are... Some have talk like city slickers, some have a folksy southern draw, but in the end they're all politicians; just different, but still politicians...

Now that's not saying that they're bad folks, but when you say your against a bridge, when you were really for it, that sounds like a politician to me. When you claim to be against spending, but left a town that had never been in debt with $20 million worth of debt, that sounds like a politician to me. When you claim to be agaisnt earmarks but hired a lobbyist to bring home $27 million in earmarks for your town of 6,700 people, that sounds like a typical politician to me. So whether they're folksy down home politicians or city slicker politicians, they're still politicians and don't you forget that"
4) In the closing statment, in the most congenial way possible I would ask America :
"Remember the last down-home, folksy, "gee I'd love to have a beer with that guy" person we put in the White House... How's that workin' out for you? Remember the last hunter you elected as your Vice-President... How's that worked out for you and your family? In fact, where is he now with the country in financial crisis?"
Here's a little reinforcement on the whole pageant claim:

Compare this:

To this:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Uh, that's Quarterback, not Quaterback. Good piece, though.

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