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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Hello, my name is David and I will be your blogger for the morning. I’m 29 (I actually typed “28” and had to think about it for a second), married (sorry ladies), and I am a software consultant by trade, eventual author of “the great American novel” by choice; It’s like potential energy in physics, it’s there but the catalyst (my brain to pen connection) hasn’t manifested yet. I am a follower of Christ (but you can call me a Christian if that’s a mouth full) and one of those young whipper snappers that has only recently payed attention to the presidential race in my beloved country because there is something - I don’t know - different about this time around that has me engaged. I can’t quite put my finger on what that “different” thing is...

It could be Barack Obama. He’s so different that I type his name in MS Word and got the squiggly lines that essentially say “whatchou talkin’ bout Willis?” Word does not know who or what a “Barack” is and until the speech he gave at the Democratic convention in 2004, neither did a lot of people including myself. But after 18 months of listening to this man speak, reading one of his two critically acclaimed books (I still need to pick up “Audacity of Hope”) , and entering into a LOT of conversations with friends, co-workers, and strangers on the East and West coasts, I have seen and heard enough that warrants right-clicking on the man’s name and confidently selecting “Add to Dictionary”.

I want to be clear by revisiting the point - before this election season, I had only a cursory knowledge of the political process and have only casually given attention to the races before. I do not have deep and extensive knowledge of how one candidate’s policies on fiscal conservatism compare to those of the 1950’s, or how another candidate’s foreign policy has an impact on trade relations with Abu Dahbi (as many times as he traveled there, Odie should be our foreign diplomat to this great nation). No, I’m just a simple New York Giants fan living in Los Angeles that can’t get Sunday Ticket anymore so he flicks from CNN, Faux News, MSNBC and ESPN daily trying to fill the void and happened upon this hotly contested and potentially historically monumental (or tragically disappointing) election. This is bigger than me wanting my guy to win; the outcome of this race will be written in the history books not only of our own but also of other nations that will say something of the current and future character of this great country.

I’m sure I’ll cover the ground in future posts for what has got me so fired up this time around, but for now thisisme. Well, no technically the picture is of Common but I am what is in the paragraphs... well and... * sigh *

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