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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Volume 2:

It's Monday, September 15th and we're at a crossroads in the presidential campaign... At this point, the announcement of Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, along with a "Rovian" strategy of 'divide the country and conquer' has undoubtedly left the Obama campaign in a tail spin. They didn't attack who they should've, when they should've. Then they attacked who they shouldn't have when they shouldn't have, in they way they shouldn't have. As a result they became lumped in with the media "wolves" that were "attacking" Gov. Palin, the innocent "hockey-mom". I would liken thier reaction to that of a blind boxer swinging wildly, hoping to connect with a lucky punch... Does that sound familiar? Doesn't it remind you a little of Hilary Clinton after that string of Obama win in Deleware and Virginia primaries...

a)My first piece of advice to the Obama campaign is to stop before your tactics become branded as a "kitchen-sink strategy" and you become stainded with the same sense of desperation and emmenent defeat that sorrounded Sen. Clinton.

b) My second piece of advice would be to shed this negative campainging...yesterday! Obama is the "change" candidate and that's not reflected in negative ads. Obama is the "hope" campaign and that's not reflected in tit-for-tat campaigning. Obama is the "cool under pressure" candidate and that, sure as hell isn't reflected in these negative attacks. This type of campaigning reduces and has reduced Obama... The question now is "how does he get his 'mojo' back?"

c) The first step in getting his mojo back is to let people know that he's gotten his mojo back. I would suggest a national campaign ad wherein Sen. Obama addresses the voters with an appeal to our better angels and an apology for his part in the negative tone of the campaign. He will admit that it's difficult to not respond in-kind to negative and untruthful attacks on his character and his record, but will also admit that that is no excuse. He will remind the viewer that his and Michelle's promise to one another was to be the same people at the end of the campaign as they were at the beginning and in that spirit he will vow to not run another negative ad against John McCain. He'll inform the viewer that from that point on, if he has an issue with John McCain's positions, record or rhetoric on the issues then he will appear on camera to address them honestly and logically and directly from his mouth with his own words.... Long commercial? Sure, but with the $66 he raised last months it'd be money well spent.

d) Lastly they need to find an effective strategy for dealing with Gov. Palin. They have to find a way to attack her record, without attacking Sarah Palin or mentioning her name if possible... I have a strategy that I've entitled "A House Divided By Itself Cannot Stand", but I'm waiting for the Obama campaign to bring me on as a consultant (which probably wont happen, but they could for pennies) or for one of the cable news networks to be so intrigued by my untested, unproven genius that the put me in one of the pundit chairs.

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