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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 1 comments

We're all familiar with the concept of eminent domain, right? Well for those who are not it is a legal practice wherein the court can seize the property of private citizens and turn it over to another party that would use that property for "the public good". With that in mind, I can't help but to wish that we applied that very kind of legal action to children who live in the care of dangerously inept parents, who's actions only serve to destroy the child's future and burden society as a whole. Now, I know we have the department of social services, but they seem virtually powerless to stop things from occurring like what we see in the video below... This video has extremely graphic language, which is amplified by the tender age of the two linguists in it.

Is it just me or as you watched this did you also wonder what the person holding the camera looks like... how she was raised... if she is educated... does she care about those girls and want something better for them, or are they toys and trophies to parade around the hood? Is it just me or did you also wonder what these girls are like in school... or do they even go to school on a regular basis... if they were/are abused physically, mentally, sexually... if they will wind up in jail... how young they'll be when they have their first, second and third child out of wedlock? I can ask these questions without inhibition because someone I love very much lives that reality today, because of her reality of yesterday.

Believe me, I take no joy in spreading this video around, but at the same time I feel it is my duty as a citizen and as a black man to make sure that we are aware of how much we are needed as role models, as teacher as community organizers and the like. What or who (outside of God) is left to counter balance the venom that is being poured into millions of children like these each day from terrible parents, terrible neighborhoods, terrible songs on the radio and terrible shows on television that can only seem to keep the attention of the youth by displaying sexually charged material.

Like I said, I wish there was eminent domain for children so that they can be wisked away from dangerous homes and turned over to a third party who's gonna raise them to be future pillars of society, not scourge upon it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is sad. Hmm, i wonder if whoever was behind the camera has the same enthusiasm about these young ladies getting an education. I doubt it, ignorance at its worst.


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