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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Obama's a socialist! The right-wing's been beating that drum for a while and now (like the sheople they are) all of Limabugh's and Hannity's listeners are jumping on the bandwagon. But before they get too carried away, I'd like them to consider this thought:

Socialism is Capitalism for everyday Americans and Capitalism is Socialism for rich people and wealthy corporations.

The criticism of Obama's tax plan is that it gives money to people that don't pay taxes, but according to the GAO (Government Accountabilty Office) 70% of corporations don't pay taxes... Don't take my word for it. Click on the link and read it for yourself.

Obama's plan is being called welfare because it proposes taking money from the pot and giving it to people who didn't pay into it, but wouldn't that make McCain's plan welfare as well since he's proposing giving tax breaks (rebates) to corporations that didn't pay into the pot either... I guess socialism and welfare are only a problems when you put the face of a "Cadillac-driving welfare queen" with "Obama foodstamps" on them... In other words a black face.

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