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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Tonight is the first and only debate between the vice-presidential candidates and, contrary to popular belief the deck might be stacked against Joe Biden. This has nothing to do with his intellect, his experience or even his exaggerated proclivity toward putting his foot in his mouth. I does, however have to do with the fact that the bar for Sarah Palin is set so low that my 16 month old son could clear it (he's really smart, though). That coupled with the McCain campaigns strategy of making her newly earned reputation as a bumbler appear as a folksy, "Joe six-pack", down-home trailer park, charm. Add to that, the hurdle of debating her without appearing like a brute or a neanderthal. Having said that, there are some strategic decision that he could make, that will level the playing field... Read more

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