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  • Has Fatherhood Become the New Mercedes-Benz?

    It used to be that a tailor-made suit and a Mercedes-Benz were context clues signaling a man’s ability to “provide” and consequently, those were things made a man "sexy". But could it be that for today’s professional women, fatherhood is the modern-day equivalent of a Benz? ...

  • What Does This Election Tell Us About What A "Real American" Is?

    “What on earth is he talking about?”... to put it simply..what does a Real American look like, sound like, act like, eat, wear and drive? Where do Real Americans live? What religion do they belong to? The questions are endless, but as we put answers to the questions will you fit the mold of a “Real American”?

  • “Rope-a-Dope” or Political “SHAKE and BAKE?

    Here’s the deal… President Obama was eaten alive in the 1st debate... BUT could this have been a good thing? Regardless of whether he was off his game or engaging in the most daring “rope-a-dope” in the history of politics, that awful debate performance sets the Obama campaign up for a little "shake and bake." Here’s why.

  • Look Ma! I'm On Web TV!

    Here's Mr. Mansitioning himself ( talking about Presidential politics and the election on the HuffPost Live... I always appreciate the invite and love the discussion!

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I try to stay out of politics because it's not my arena. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I've never believed government to be of the people, for the people or by the people. This year however, politics and religion met like I've never seen before, and that intersection was often ugly. What bothers me however, has been the church's role in this ugliness.

All too often, it seemed that many Christians were willing to put aside their Christianity to defend their conservatism. Many preachers stood in their pulpits and preached lies and hate toward Obama as a man. I don't wish to relive those arguments, but it is interesting considering that the bible says that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If Obama's stand on abortion, or some democrat's stand on gay marriage led you to vote republican then say that. If you believe in John McCain's economic plan over Obama's then say that. 

But when a preacher stands in a pulpit and proclaims overtly or covertly that Obama is a Muslim terroist sympathizer for wanting to pursue diplomacy in the Middle East or  that support for him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evilbecause of his stance on abortion; those words are not spoken from an abundance of love and truth in the heart. The bible tells us to pray for those in authority over us. That command is no less enforceable when the guy in charge isn't the one you voted for... Read more
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This is a touching LA Times Story about an African American butler who served in the White House for over three decades:

Reporting from Washington -- For more than three decades, Eugene Allen worked in the White House, a black man unknown to the headlines. During some of those years, harsh segregation laws lay upon the land.

He trekked home every night to his wife, Helene, who kept him out of her kitchen.

 At the White House, he worked closer to the dirty dishes than to the Oval Office. Helene didn't care; she just beamed with pride.

President Truman called him Gene. President Ford liked to talk golf with him. He saw eight presidential administrations come and go, often working six days a week.

"I never missed a day of work," Allen said.

He was there while racial history was made: Brown vs. Board of Education, the Little Rock school crisis, the 1963 March on Washington, the cities burning, the civil rights bills, the assassinations... Read the whole story
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Look at what the bible says are the characteristics of a Godly man... It tells us that a Godly man must be able to teach, and that he must be able to instruct those who oppose him.  In a previous blog post, I wrote about the tradition of tithing. There were some who expressed disagreement with the blog entry. I'm not interested in arguing the points as my blog can still be found on this site, and each point has hyperlinked scripture behind it. The question that I pose however, is do you have the ability to instruct? If you didn't agree with it, could you, from the scriptures, tell me where I was either wrong or misapplying God's word; or did you simply toss the entry aside, not thinking about it because it did not fit into what you already believe?...Could you instruct?... Read More.
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To my memory, there have been 4 occasions in my whole life where I was left completely speechless. Let's see, one of them was when the church doors opened and I saw my best friend walk through escorted by her dad to declare with me that our love would continue to eternity. Then, I'll never forget the first time I spread "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" on my toast because really, I couldn't believe it was not butter. Then, there was that day someone challenged me to name the three times I've been speechless in my life. And then there was last night. 

Before plopping down on our couch to enjoy my Pad See Ew and Gyoza from Thai Boom (I love that name) and flipping through the cycle of NBC, MSNBC and CNN in the evening, I spent a day trying to pretend that this historic day was not a historic day at all. Understand that I was working from home on election day, and if I allowed myself to keep thinking about what was happening I would have been in front of the tv a lot sooner with two laptops beside me auto refreshing their browsers on CNN and Digg for the stories that were developing. Oddly enough, that technically is not what I get paid to do. So I put my head down, turned all media off in the house and went into a fantasy world that said that the most important thing happening was this status report and these changes that the client requested on the project. What didn't help my fantasy world was the frequent robocalls from Magic Johnson encouraging me to do my part and vote for the candidate he supports for Los Angeles county supervisor - Bernard Parks. After the 4th time in the day I started talking over the recording -

ME:   "Hello?"

HIM: "Hi, this is Magic Johnson and I want to enc -"

ME:   "Stop calling my house Magic Johnson"

HIM: "-age you to vote for Ber-"

ME"-nard Parks, I know Magic Johnson, you already called me. Leave my family alone Magic Johnson"

HIM: "-ard Parks and help us make the positi-"

ME!: "Magic Johnson where is your wife Cookie and does she know you're playing on the phone all  day? Don't you have any meetings at a Starbucks or T.G.I. Friday's or any of the movie theaters you own"... Read More

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"Neighborhod's are now hoods, cause nobody's neighbors
Just animals surviving with that animal behavior"
Posdnous of De La Soul
s...Anyway, I turn off the TV at around 12:45 am and prepare to turn in... the gravity of Baracks win not having hit me yet... I slipped on my pants and told my wife, "I'll be right back". I dash out the house and, like magic, the significance of this moment in history energizes me. I'm excited, buzzing like a cat with cat-nip, so much so that I can't stand to wait for the elevator.

I run down 12 flights of stairs and the screams and honks grow louder as I step outside the lobby. A couple of people are talking to the building security guards with a subtle glow on their faces. I smile as I rush past them, and as I made my way toward Myrtle Ave. I felt like I was walking to the center of Times Square on New Year's Eve... So did Bobby.

Bobby was leaving my building around the same time as me. Bobby was walking toward Myrtle Ave. like me. Bobby had the same look of pride on his face that I wore on mine. He was black like me and even had dreads (dreadlocks) like me... Bobby and I had a kindred spirit, but like so many of us do each day, we walked in the same direction and didn't speak to one another. But it was something about this moment in history that mandated a CHANGE in our behaviors and our kindred spirits were forced together by the weight of history.... Read More

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It was my first time voting, and I don't usually do artsy-fartsy stuff, but here you go...

Voter 200

by Stu

I filed into my local municipality this morning.

At 7:30 am in the small town of Lindenwold, NJ I was already voter number 200.

I’d been in this court room before, but never like this.

No requests for a lawyer.

No silent sighs of traffic fines and

Fines from not being able to pay those fines.

No, something was different today.

A mother took her two daughters behind the curtain with her.

Who are you voting for Mommy?

Sound it out the teacher told her young Pupil.

Sound it out baby girl.

O-BAM-A she said.

I looked around at the people in line with me

Some dressed in house coats

Some covered in tattoos

Some hoping that hope floats

Some with the paper open reading the news

One lady quietly sat there... Read More

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