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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

"Neighborhod's are now hoods, cause nobody's neighbors
Just animals surviving with that animal behavior"
Posdnous of De La Soul
s...Anyway, I turn off the TV at around 12:45 am and prepare to turn in... the gravity of Baracks win not having hit me yet... I slipped on my pants and told my wife, "I'll be right back". I dash out the house and, like magic, the significance of this moment in history energizes me. I'm excited, buzzing like a cat with cat-nip, so much so that I can't stand to wait for the elevator.

I run down 12 flights of stairs and the screams and honks grow louder as I step outside the lobby. A couple of people are talking to the building security guards with a subtle glow on their faces. I smile as I rush past them, and as I made my way toward Myrtle Ave. I felt like I was walking to the center of Times Square on New Year's Eve... So did Bobby.

Bobby was leaving my building around the same time as me. Bobby was walking toward Myrtle Ave. like me. Bobby had the same look of pride on his face that I wore on mine. He was black like me and even had dreads (dreadlocks) like me... Bobby and I had a kindred spirit, but like so many of us do each day, we walked in the same direction and didn't speak to one another. But it was something about this moment in history that mandated a CHANGE in our behaviors and our kindred spirits were forced together by the weight of history.... Read More

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