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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

To my memory, there have been 4 occasions in my whole life where I was left completely speechless. Let's see, one of them was when the church doors opened and I saw my best friend walk through escorted by her dad to declare with me that our love would continue to eternity. Then, I'll never forget the first time I spread "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" on my toast because really, I couldn't believe it was not butter. Then, there was that day someone challenged me to name the three times I've been speechless in my life. And then there was last night. 

Before plopping down on our couch to enjoy my Pad See Ew and Gyoza from Thai Boom (I love that name) and flipping through the cycle of NBC, MSNBC and CNN in the evening, I spent a day trying to pretend that this historic day was not a historic day at all. Understand that I was working from home on election day, and if I allowed myself to keep thinking about what was happening I would have been in front of the tv a lot sooner with two laptops beside me auto refreshing their browsers on CNN and Digg for the stories that were developing. Oddly enough, that technically is not what I get paid to do. So I put my head down, turned all media off in the house and went into a fantasy world that said that the most important thing happening was this status report and these changes that the client requested on the project. What didn't help my fantasy world was the frequent robocalls from Magic Johnson encouraging me to do my part and vote for the candidate he supports for Los Angeles county supervisor - Bernard Parks. After the 4th time in the day I started talking over the recording -

ME:   "Hello?"

HIM: "Hi, this is Magic Johnson and I want to enc -"

ME:   "Stop calling my house Magic Johnson"

HIM: "-age you to vote for Ber-"

ME"-nard Parks, I know Magic Johnson, you already called me. Leave my family alone Magic Johnson"

HIM: "-ard Parks and help us make the positi-"

ME!: "Magic Johnson where is your wife Cookie and does she know you're playing on the phone all  day? Don't you have any meetings at a Starbucks or T.G.I. Friday's or any of the movie theaters you own"... Read More

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