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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

I have severely neglected the blog because I'm finishing the editing of my short film, but there are some things that require that I take a break from that so that I can put in my 2 cents... The most recent thing is the report that liberals are up in arms over President  Elect Obama's choice to have Pastor Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration.  To them I replied on the Huffington Post thread:

Give me a Friggin Break! I'm a progressive...liberal...lefty or whatever you want to call it, but some of us are really starting to pi$$ me off with this constant whining and complaining about every little thing that Obama does, that is centrist or not to the left! I don't have a problem with Rick Warren... even though I don't agree with his positions I appreciate the tone with which he conducts himself and his discourse when speaking about said issues, which he holds as a matter of faith.... 

Think about it... When Hannity and Limbaugh and O'Riley were chastising Obama for being "associated" with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and whoever else they could find... we were quick to praise Obama for being able to break bread with those whom he disagreed with... we compared him to Jesus for being able to be friendly with those whom have questionable pasts, but not necessarily share their pasts....

Now look at us... HYPOCRITES! If anything why not try to look at Rick Warren being there in the same light we used to defend him against the right wing attacks... What we need is for the right wing in this country to take a lesson from Rick Warren's decorum and conduct on how to express disagreement without being disagreeable and venomous, which is what many of the right (preachers included) do... And the last thing we need is to give them any fodder by becoming their far left equivalent.

It's not like he chose Pat Robertson!.... Lighten Up!

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