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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

“When brown can stick around”

“When yellow can be mellow”

“When the red man can be the head man”

"And when white will embrace what is right"

This part of Rev. Lowery's benediction is taken from a civil rights era saying that reads:

If your black stay back,

If your brown stick around,

If your white your all right!

To this, a number of prominent whites have expressed a deep offense and a feeling that they are socially oppressed white men, that must forever carry the burdens of those actions that their racist forefathers committed on their behalf and on the behalf of white Americans as a whole... Prominent whites like Don Imus (you know..."nappy headed hoes" Don Imus - who I actually like), Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, I'm sure Glen Beck (you know... Glen Beck who asked the first Muslim man elected to congress to "...Prove to me that you are not working with our enemies")

Part of me wants to tell some of the white folk who took offense to Lowery's benediction, "Lighten Up"...  
Another part of me wants to explain the context of the statement in question to them in the hopes that they'll understand that there was no malice and no indictment of "the white man" in the statement (that whole portion of the prayer was to highlight that we are still overcomming, even with the progress that is represented by Obama's presidency)  

Another part wants to tell them "after 300 years of oppression and slavery and defacto and dejure segregation, you have the nerve to B!t@# about how that small statement, which originated from an old Jimc Crow era saying has SO offended you"... I think that that part offends me.  

Listening to the people on the radio who seem to have the most problem with it, like Joe Scarborough and DON IMUS (nuff said!) they're quick to say " how could he say that when white people put Obama in office"... but it hasn't dawned on them that the white people who put Obama in office aren't the ones that have a problem with Rev. Lowery's benediction... 

The Irony is that it is the whites that didn't want him in office, in the first place that have taken offense and are hiding behind the white people that did put him in office as a defense...  

To them I say, that just as all black people arent the same, all white folks aren't the same... All white folks aren't racist, but a lot still are, and if people like Don Imus (who I like, BTW) and Joe Scarborough and Rush Limbaugh are going to whine about those remarks at least have the courage to do it as the type of white person who didn't vote for Obama and stop trying to claim an overall "white man's" credit off of the backs of those whites who not only got Obama elected, but did so having the courage to embrace the racial atrocities committed on their behalf, by their forefathers.  

It Just kills me when there are discussions of race and all of a sudden, white men start sounding like MLK "I don't see color", "We should judge each other as an individual, not as a color", "I haven't oppressed anyone, why should I feel guilty"... But not one of them will have the courage to admit that if they were black the likelihood that they would be where they are now is dramatically decreased by lack of equality of opportunity in this country....  
This is the reason we should celebrate Obama's win cautiously...because there are many white people who truly do have a problem (whether serious or minor) with what Obama represents and will use this achievement to argue that everything is equal in America and because a black man can become president, and that we should concede that racism (not just the attitudes of the individual, but the social and economic structures that were put in place to maintain the racial hierarchy - which still exist in a mighty way- in this country) has been eradicated!... 

Remember Don Imus and Joe Scarborough, Obama called for us to have an open honest discussion about race

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