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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Many moons ago, God cursed Adam with the proclamation that he would have to earn his food, by the sweat of his brow; and so it began. God had decreed that food would cost sweat and man's wheels started turning; trying to figure out how to get more food with less sweat. A guy planting seeds quickly learned that a shovel moved more dirt in less time. A lady toting water will figure out that more water can be transported in a wagon with four wheels than can be carried in a clay vase on her head carried by two legs.

From the hammer, to the wheel on through to the industrial revolution where we ginned cotton, and steamboated ourselves upstream; we found ways to work smarter instead of harder. Inventions gave us more. We had more product, more time, less sweat, less stress. Somewhere in our timeline I imagine that we reached this perfect balance of "What needed to be done" versus "What we can realistically get done." As seems to be our nature however, we plowed through balance. Maybe it was greed that fueled us through. Maybe it was the challenge of building a better mousetrap. Perhaps it's simply the desire to remembered for doing something great. Regardless, I pushed us to a point where I believe our jobs became too easy. We had Technologically revolted to the point where we weren't sure to do with all the unused time and sweat.

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