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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

You know, until very recently, I had resolved that conservatives owned, not only freedom and liberty, but the very Constitution that has enshrined our essential right to them in this country. I had also come to accept the fact that I, as a liberal-progressive was less entitled to invoke the names of our country's founding fathers, kind of like the equivalent of Muslim invoking the name of Jesus, or a Jew doing the same of Buddha...

Was it Glenn Beck's daily teargasm where he claims to be the authority on the founding fathers (if not Jefferson incarnate)? I mean, after all "I just love my country, and I fear for it" too. Maybe I was simply a victim of a propaganda strategy against liberalism, but for whatever reason I, as person with a BA in Political Science and a MA in communications, had somehow put it in my mind that the constitution was some complex piece of ancient Kabbalah literature to be interpreted only by orthodox Americans - i.e. conservatives. Thankfully, my desire to be informed when debated my friends on the right led me to actually read the US Constitution and trust me, it ain't rocket science. In fact, you can view it here. And you can also find selected writing by the founding fathers here too.

Why is this important? Well simply put, knowledge is power in the arena of ideas. The country is founded on ideas, and laws are created based on these ideas about how to address any myriad of issues, from the most mundane to the most complex. It seems that for far too long, many on the left have come under the false assumption that all of the Founders were a monolith of conservative thinkers and that their writings and the Constitution support that belief. The consequence of that thinking has led us (liberals) to believe that WE take up causes based purely on emotion as opposed to doing so with a sense of constitutional logic and a sense of the history of the founding of this great nation. Hence the term "bleeding heart liberal"....

But the truth of the matter is that the Founders argued back and forth in exactly the same way we do today. Their ideas were both liberal and conservative and they were both given to logic and emotion. They were men, not saints and their ideas were subject to interpretation, not inscribed by The Almighty as 'Thou shall... Thou shall nots' They belong to liberals and conservatives alike, yet conservatives have become their sole proprietors of and thus, too often and in growing numbers are there those who will readily and ardently insert the words "Constitution" and "founding fathers" into their political rantings with such a lack of understanding of that which they hold so sacred.

I listen and can't help but wonder how many of them are speaking as those who have actually read the works for themselves as opposed to how many are basing their rhetoric on the rhetoric of 4 hours of Sean Hannity. I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that, btw. The problem with this is that they 'trust but won't validate' what they're favorite right-wind spinster puts forth, and they, in turn come to the conclusion that the Supreme Court is acting as judicial activist when they don't interpret the Constitution based on their 'less than enlightened' view of Hannity's, Limbaugh's or Beck's interpretation of the Constitution.

To turn a Regan a famous colloquialism around " the problem with our conservative friends isn't that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn't so". I'm not casting stones, for we are guilty of the same.

This is, in no way to denigrate my conservative friends, with whom I debate often and fondly about policy and who freely and readily look to the constitution as a resource on issues. They display a grit and backbone that seems inherent in those who are assured that they have "the law on their side". That said, this is aimed at empowering progressives to be aware that you too have the law on your side, and you too have the writings/thoughts of the founding fathers on your side. Progressives; liberals; you aren't the bastard children of liberty and freedom. You are realization of liberty and freedom - every much as any conservative. Will the law always support your "bleeding heart policy assertions"? NO... But you might be surprised at just how often it does.

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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Jimmy McMillan, became an overnight sensation after this weeks 1st and only New York State Gubernatorial debate. And what did it take to accomplish this? Just a single slogan - "RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!" And just like that, he's in.

It's not surprising, though. In many ways we should credit the Tea Party for making Jimmy McMillian possible - no, really! I am political polar opposite of my Tea Party friends (which I do have and I suggest you make a few too). Truly, I'm a bleeding heart liberal, if ever there was one, but before the Tea Party came along, average Joe candidates with simple, catchy slogans like "RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!" or "I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!" were not even anomalies, they were impossibilities. The closet we came to these candidates was Ross Perot, but even he was a billionaire.

But in today's America, a gathering storm of recession, sensationalism and media insatiability makes these candidates real possibilities. What began with the Tea Party is finally beginning to spread and carries with it the power to create "game changers" and "king makers" that upset the two party power structure in this country, and that is very much needed.

In the end, will we see Jimmy McMillan in the NY Governor's mansion? Well, it's not likely - although anything is possible with GOD. That said, it is more likely that Jimmy McMillian will wind up with his own syndicated radio show, or better yet he may wind up with his own MSNBC show using a chalk board to connect the sky-rocketing rent prices to a multi-national plot to take over America...

As it turns out, Jimmy McMillian himself is not paying rent and the media narrative is that he's somehow a hypocrite. But squarely in his defense, he couldn't afford to pay his $800 a month rent, so his landlord allowed him to work in the building instead - the barter system... That said, I'd further remind us that Dick Cheney sent our boys to Iraq, but got 5 deferments to avoid going to Vietnam... And probably 90% or the pro war folks in congress and on TV/radio never served either.

You can read about that report here.
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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

Since winning the Republican senate primary in Delaware last month, Christine O’Donnell has not had trouble getting noticed. When the Tea Party icon admitted to “dabbl[ing] into witchcraft” as a youngster, the press went wild. When she revealed that she was “not a witch” after all, the response was rabid. O’Donnell has fudged her academic credentials, defaulted on her mortgage, sued a former employer, and campaigned against masturbation, and her efforts have been rewarded with round-the-clock coverage. Yet few observers seem to have given her views on the United States Constitution the same level of consideration. Which is too bad, because O’Donnell’s Tea Party take on our founding text is as unusual as her stance on autoeroticism. Except that it could actually have consequences... READ MORE FROM NEWSWEEK
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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 1 comments

I don't know much about the "New" Black Panther Party (my conservative friends know much more -courtesy of FOX's crusade) but I've always been amazed at how ironically similar the Tea Party is to the Black Panther Party of old.

No doubt, there are glaring differences (and I like to give deference to the social climate of that time with regard to this discussion)... The BPP had undoubtedly ...socialist/marxist underpinnings- which is probably a reasonable and rational point of view given the time..

That said, there were also some very conservative aspects that I see in some of the Tea Party stances...

-A staunch belief in the 2nd Amendment AND the right to take up arms against tyrannical/oppressive government is a pretty big one.

-The right of self determination in the exercise of freedom and liberty is a big one...

-Also, the right to educate black children with "a knowledge of self" (essentially black history- which I guess is relevant considering how most blacks regard the BPP fondly and most of middle American's don't) can be readily equated with the Tea Party desire for education to be regulated at the state level and thus allow for local choice in matters of sex education, creationism and, in the case of Texas - the right to issue new history text-books that "conservatize" history.

- Lastly, the community policing and service programs is very much conservative in that they were created in the spirit of charity, self-sufficiency, and in lieu of Government failure to provide such services... Compare that with the conservative view on taxing to provide services for the disadvantaged vs. the charity of churches and community groups to feed the hungry. Not to mention the rise of militia groups concurring with the growth of the Tea Party.

I just think those similarities are interesting... In all honesty, if some of the black Tea Party conservatives were smart, they'd be trying to draw those comparisons because they are more persuasive to blacks than the typical conservative talk of taxes, spending and government - mainly because of the fact that liberty and freedom was forced on the country (to a large degree and not without problems) by the federal government.
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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

THE MATIX: Socialist progressive vs. Capitalist conservative... Basically you're a loser no matter which side. The folly of a capitalist conservative calling the current collapse and chaos and degradation of the nuclear family a socialist progressive phenomena reflects a blindness or unwillingness rather to remove the plank from their own eye...

"This economic collapse was caused by Barney Frank and Franklyn Raynes and mandating banks give loans to people who couldn't afford them"... I listen to conservative radio, so I know the rhetoric... But that rhetoric chooses to negate the fact that the majority of people foreclosing aren't poor people who got loans - it's middle and upper middle class individuals who lost jobs as a result of capitalist policies that resulted from a war between the fiduciary responsibilities of corporations to their share holders and a concern for workers and their families... It also negates the fact that had the bundling and selling of sub-prime loans not become a huge CAPITALIST enterprise, then we most certainly would not have faced the collapse that we face, because the risk factor would've remained with the initial loan company and they would've been much more careful in issuing those loans.

Even further, In many ways the conservatives are right about progressive ideas of freedom and self-expression contributing to moral deterioration of the country... But by that same token, they can't negate the fact that much of this expression rest on our freedom of speech and that the way we receive much of this expression is commditized and traded on the NYSE, which makes it a capitalistic undertaking... You think The Real Housewives of Wherever are ruining society, or that Lady Gaga is debasing the American culture- well look at the parent company that owns Bravo or the major record label that's distributing Bad Romance...

the socialist agenda is now so tied to the capitalist agenda that it makes everyone as right as they are wrong - on both sides.... Sometimes they work symbiotically as in the examples above, but often times they work in reaction to one another - As in the case of how socialist affirmative action was a reaction to the conservative jim crow era policies that sought to keep blacks economically oppressed... So now those who oppose affirmative action are correct to describe it as "reverse discrimination" or 'taking a job away from a qualified white man to give it to a less qualified black...' BUT those who support it are equally as right to say "that given the countries history of workplace discrimination, it is necessary to have reasonable protections in place -however imperfect- that level the playing field"

As long as neither side agrees that the other has an equally valid point, then they will continue to argue and will never come to a conclusion that works for both and accomplishes a solution that alleviates both concerns.... Thus they remain trapped in the matrix....

This (as a side note) is why black conservatives aren't taken seriously and why, frankly conservatives have such a hard time with black voters.... The absolute refusal to see that history has a current affect on blacks has them refusing to consider what kinds of conservative policies can be tailored to address the specific needs of the black communities... That's for the most part... The subject of education reform is an area where this is changing with vouchers, charter school exploration.... But beyond that they fail to communicate or are unwilling to communicate an understanding of the fact that when you spend 200 years uneducating and then under-educating a particular group of people, then that's going to have consequences for that groups future status - especially when you acknowledge how integral race was as a foundational principle of this country...

As a result we are all deprived and left to the whims of liberal politicians and "race hustlers" who are the only ones putting forth any ideas that suggest any concern for the specific history and needs of poor/lower class blacks.
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