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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 1 comments

I don't know much about the "New" Black Panther Party (my conservative friends know much more -courtesy of FOX's crusade) but I've always been amazed at how ironically similar the Tea Party is to the Black Panther Party of old.

No doubt, there are glaring differences (and I like to give deference to the social climate of that time with regard to this discussion)... The BPP had undoubtedly ...socialist/marxist underpinnings- which is probably a reasonable and rational point of view given the time..

That said, there were also some very conservative aspects that I see in some of the Tea Party stances...

-A staunch belief in the 2nd Amendment AND the right to take up arms against tyrannical/oppressive government is a pretty big one.

-The right of self determination in the exercise of freedom and liberty is a big one...

-Also, the right to educate black children with "a knowledge of self" (essentially black history- which I guess is relevant considering how most blacks regard the BPP fondly and most of middle American's don't) can be readily equated with the Tea Party desire for education to be regulated at the state level and thus allow for local choice in matters of sex education, creationism and, in the case of Texas - the right to issue new history text-books that "conservatize" history.

- Lastly, the community policing and service programs is very much conservative in that they were created in the spirit of charity, self-sufficiency, and in lieu of Government failure to provide such services... Compare that with the conservative view on taxing to provide services for the disadvantaged vs. the charity of churches and community groups to feed the hungry. Not to mention the rise of militia groups concurring with the growth of the Tea Party.

I just think those similarities are interesting... In all honesty, if some of the black Tea Party conservatives were smart, they'd be trying to draw those comparisons because they are more persuasive to blacks than the typical conservative talk of taxes, spending and government - mainly because of the fact that liberty and freedom was forced on the country (to a large degree and not without problems) by the federal government.

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  1. Carl says:

    Very VERY true...I try to tell my fellow conservatives this ALL the time.

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