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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments


If i'm advising the Obama campaign I would make it a point of focusing on Mitt Romney's mathematically challenged tax plan. The first thing I'd recommend they do is:

A) release a plan of their own deductions and loopholes they'd be wiling to cut if they have a 2nd term, focusing on deductions for things like corporate jets, yachts, and the $80,000 deduction that Mitt Romney gets for his horse... 

I'd also propose removing the provision that allows a company moving operations overseas to take advantage of the tax deductions for relocating, as well as those provision that allow U.S. companies with overseas operations to defer paying taxes on repatriated income...

Of course, you do this while challenging Mitt Romney to commit to all those deductions and loopholes that he's willing to close. Force him to say what's off the table; things like the mortgage deduction, education credits, child tax credits...

B) Then I'd run against the Paul Ryan plan that Mitt Romney endorsed, specifically stating that they are doing so in the absence of a Mitt Romney plan that describes how his tax cuts will be paid for... Part of this is to say to the voter "What does it say about Mitt Romney's leadership,  that his running mate is the only one on the ticket who has put forth a budget with actual numbers to support it's claims." 

I'd focus on aspects of the Paul Ryan plan that are most controversial; things like the medicare voucher, social security privatization and cuts to education and services for the poor - while cutting taxes on the wealthy....

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