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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

ANOTHER REASON WHY THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN SHOULD HIRE ME:                                              I said after the last debate that the Obama campaign should've come to me and I' would've given them some pretty smart advice for spinning the President's super-sub-par debate performance. Now we're approaching this very important Vice-Presidential debate and I have some more free (but brilliant enough to pay for) advice for the Obama Campaign.

Of course the optics work in Joe Biden's favor. He looks like and talks like the crazy guy who works at the local plant and tosses beers with you or your dad. Ryan, on the other hand looks like that Ivy League kid who they tell you to train, so he can turn around and fire you after they promote him to the position of your supervisor. Beyond the optics, it's a given that "Average Joe" has to be the attack dog and call out all of Mitt Romney's lies, but that's not enough. He also has to beat Ryan over the head with "Moonwalkin' Mitt's" lies and flip-flops, while beating "Multiple-choice Mitt" over the head with Paul Ryan's congressional record as a supposed deficit hawk who voted for all of the Bush policies that blew up the deficit before 2009, as the social security privatizer, as the guy who railed against stimulus while requesting over $23 Million dollars of it... But i'm gonna trust that the Obama campaign knows this (I hope)

In the end, a Joe Biden victory in tomorrow's debate will come down to that closing statement, and I'll tell you exactly what that speech should do... It should PRAISE Paul Ryan as a man of character and principle and assail Romney as being the exact opposite... Here's how a Biden closing would look if Mr. Mansitioning was his debate coach or speech writer.

"Folks, I know the country is coming through some rough times and you have a major choice to make this election. Do we go back to the extreme policies that say "hey give the rich more money and it'll trickle down to the rest of us" or do we move forward with policies that revitalizes and grows the middle-class. Do we go back to the 1960's with women's rights or do we move forward with a country that respects a woman's right to make the difficult choices about her body and a country that believes that women deserve equal pay for equal work... 

Now I wanna say this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Paul Ryan is a good man. Sure, i think his policies are bat-crap-crazy and will set this country back decades, but he's a good man and public servant. He's known in congress as a man of principle and honesty (beat) But folks, Paul Ryan isn't running for President. Mitt Romney is and I know you feel in your bones that Mitt Romney is no Paul Ryan.

(He turns to Paul Ryan with a sincere, wise look)

Son, no matter what happens in this campaign you commit to being that principled public servant, and don't let anyone tarnish that... And that's the same advice I'd give my own son who's entering politics after serving in Iraq... 

Thank you America and God speed"

I could tighten it up more, but since no one is paying me to do it, i'll leave it as is.... But IF the obama campaign is creative and daring enough to do this, it will force all of America to (accurately) question Romney's sincerity... After all, he succeeded in doing two things in the 1st debate; 1) evading the truth and 2) looking sincere as he did it....

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