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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments


It seems that a fair number of people watching the debate had a propblem with Joe Biden's smiling... So how would I have handled that? 

1) 1st I would acknowledge that before this Vice-Presidential debate, Joe Biden wasn't a factor as far as the media was concerned. All of the attention was on Obama, Romney and Ryan. NOW, after Biden trampled (Sarah Palin's description) Ryan in last night's debate, Biden is a hot media commodity.

2) I would've had Biden here in NYC first thing in the next morning to make the rounds on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, The Talk and maybe even Letterman, where they would definitely bring up the smiling and interrupting... His response? 

Biden: "Listen folks, some of the things coming out of their campaign... You have to laugh to keep from crying about because it's sad how that they are so committed to making life easier for the rich at the expense of the middle class.

And as far as
my smiling and jumping in - this is the way middle class people are talking about these issues all across the country. Lunch-bucket democrats, republicans and independents sit down over dinner, or over a beer and we're passionate and spirited whether we're talking about Monday night Football or politics...

But you know what? If you have more of a problem with me smiling than the fact that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney couldn't promise you that he would NOT touch the tax credit you get for your mortgage, or that they refuse to tell you a single deduction or tax loophole they'll close to pay for their 5 trilion dollar tax plan, or that Paul Ryan voted to cut $300 Million for embassy security and requested 23 Million dollars in stimulus money that he railed against... Well, God bless ya, because that's what I think more Americans were paying attention to in last nights debate"

3) Then I'd make sure that the talking point from the democratic side is "they're crying and whining about Joe smiling? This is Joe Biden... He's lucky he didn't curse up there... This is for the fate of the free world and it's not school yard stick ball... If you can't handle Joe interrupting and smiling, how can you square up against China or Iran? So they need to toughen up"

That's what I would've done...

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