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Posted by Lawrence "LAW" Watford - - 0 comments

It seems that, in this year's Presidential Election, the "October surprise" is New Jersey Governor, CHRIS CHRISTIE's praise for PRESIDENT OBAMA's leadership in the face of Hurricane Sandy.  This, of course has many republicans in dismay, especially considering Christie's emphatic rejection of a MITT ROMNEY visit to New Jersey - on "Fox & Friends" of all networks!. Rush Limbaugh, for example has gone as far as to throw out gay innuendo's to describe this picture..
But for those who seem baffled and befuddled by the New Jersey Governor's praise of the President, let me boil it down to this...In a nutshell, Chris Christie doesn't respect Mitt Romney. He's the polar opposite kind of politician. Mitt Romney has no backbone... He walks back and moonwalks virtually every position of importance depending on who he's campaigning in front of... He's a relentless and fearless flip-flopper. 

Mitt Romney has been described as having a car-salesman kind of political style,  "You want tinted windows, I'll give you tinted windows... You want leather seats, I'll give you leather seats - oh! you hate leather seats, I hate those too -too hot in the summer"... Mitt Romney is the political equivalent of those traveling salesman in the 50's who'd  show up your door with a vacuum cleaner, a stack of encyclopedias and some tonic water that promises to grow your hair and heal your joints..  The funny thing about these charges is that you'll rarely find a republican or Romney supporter who will even try to refute them... They'll start saying "Obama toooooo," but won't try to make the case that Mitt Romney has the courage of his convictions... Even Rush Limbaugh has basically stated the Obama is who he said he was and is doing what he said he'd do (of course he didn't say this in support of the President)

Chris Christie, on the other hand is cut from a different cloth than "multiple choice Mitt" as he's often called by people in the state of Massachusetts, where he was governor. Chris Christie is not an "Etch-A-Sketch" politician, as Mitt Romney's top campaign strategist described him. He's a straight shooter and a guy not known as a "bulls#!ter". Dishonest, isn't a term that's usually associated with him.  The term "bully," on the other hand is often associated with him, and if it's one thing we know about bully's, it's that they don't respect people who won't stand up for themselves... 

Ironically, Barack Obama is often criticized by the left for allowing himself to be bullied - a criticism that has emboldened his detractors on the right to engage in obstructionism and do things like scream out "you lie!" in the middle of a State of the Union address.  But if Romney is the scared kid who gives the bully all his lunch money and his wrist watch, Obama is more like the quiet cool kid who outsmarts the bully by offering to share his lunch money with him before the bully tries to take it,  and then convinces the bully to share half the lunch with him, while becoming his personal bodyguard.
The difference between Obama and Romney is, not only style, but it's the "courage of their convictions'... Obama has them and Romney doesn't and the bully can smell the weakness of the one who doesn't like a shark can smell blood in warm salt water...

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